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May 2018

Commercial Space Available at the Huntington

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With the recent revitalization of Chillicothe’s Downtown, Huntington’s neighbor, The Carlisle building, was recently restored and updated after having caught fire over ten years ago. With the help of Adena Health System and other private investors, the completion of this historic renovation has generated a city-wide restoration and reimagination of what Downtown Chillicothe can be. With the proven success of dozens of new restaurants + boutiques, the open commercial space at The Huntington is currently available to be downtown’s premiere dining or retail experience. Learn more here.

R Kitchen On Paint | Interview with Danyelle

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Hungry? Not anymore thanks to R Kitchen on Paint. Excited to offer food that they “grew up on”—you’ll experience home-style American classics that your grandma made and plates you’ve never had before. R Kitchen’s 5-star reviews testify your taste buds won’t be disappointed!

“Good fresh food.” R Kitchen on Paint chose to work with local artisans like Bernie and Max Stained Glass Studio as they created a comfortable, yet rustic dining hot spot in Chillicothe’s Downtown. Danyelle takes you on a tour of R Kitchen and shares a behind-the-scenes peek of their meticulous process of ensuring their food is farm fresh and their restaurant is on point!

OMG Rotisserie Chicken | Interview with Sheldon

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“The way your mama would cook it!” OMG Rotisserie is: Antibiotic Free. Steroid Free. Hormone Free. Free-Range. (Did you ever know there was so much ‘NOT chicken’ added to chicken?!) Watch Meredith Reep Tomlinson’s 1:1 interview with owner, SJ Andrus III on what makes this original style, home-cooked, made-from-scratch soul food keep on cluckin’ day after day!

Food with soul! OMG Rotisserie Fast, casual and always delicious. Take the tour with Sheldon to see the new space!