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June 2018

Totem Supply Co | Tour with Courtney

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“A little more” has been the theme of Totem Supply Co. as they focus on curating a shop of goods that have just enough of that “more” you’re looking for. From nostalgic shirts to rare finds that are only carried in this boutique shop, Totem never disappoints when you’re looking for the perfect gift or treat for yourself.

One of the many OG’s of downtown, Totem Supply Co. is filled with Chillicothe pride! Known for their t-shirts, Totem also carries handmade goods from Ohio artisans. It’s the best place in Chillicothe to buy a unique & heartfelt gift.

Paper City Coffee | Interview with Meg & Anna

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Coffee that does good! We’re chatting about Chillicothe’s highest rated coffee shop (264+ Five Star Reviews), Paper City Coffee. With what Meg & Anna call, “a crazy idea”, they created a local hotspot with a social mission (to mentor Chillicothe’s youth) + made the mentor program self-sustainable (definitely because of those cinnamon rolls). Meg and Anna have not only proven their concept—they’ve created a new standard for how a local business should start.

Coffee. Tea. Lunch. Yes. At Paper City Coffee you can gather, sip and do good knowing every purchase helps support a local mentor program for Chillicothe’s youth. Plus, those cinnamon rolls…

Hatch Boutique | Interview with Brooke

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“Looking for companies that do good”—Hatch Boutique’s focus on carrying products with a social mission + excellent quality. Discover the person behind the business in this interview with Brooke Enderle-Pontious and Meredith Tomlinson.

Need to make your cute kid even cuter? Get what you need at Hatch Boutique in downtown Chillicothe. Infant wear, children’s wear, maternity clothing that you can wear post-pregnancy, feeding & teething products, unique kid’s lines—and the best place to get your baby shower gifts. Goodbye long trips to Columbus, and hello shopping local. Take the tour with Brooke Enderle-Pontious to get your sneak peek of all the goodies found in this charming shop.

Rustic Gals Boutique Keeps Styles Limited & Women Feeling Gorgeous

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Rustic Gals Boutique sits in the heart of downtown Chillicothe and features clothing that you won’t find in any other shop in town. “She has the same outfit as me!” is a statement you can wave goodbye to since Rustic Gals orders only a handful (6 to be specific) of each look to keep clothes flying off the racks. In Meredith’s 1:1 interview with veteran entrepreneur, Kelly Bigelow she explains why she started Rustic Gals Boutique, her extremely picky process of what clothing she’ll carry, and what keeps her inspired every day.

 Not sure what you can get at Rustic Gals Boutique? Kelly will take you on a quick tour of all the unique finds to fill your shopping bag with.

The Buck Fifty Raises $150,000+ To Sponsor 1,600 Kids In Drug Free Program

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The Buck Fifty is a 150-mile relay race that is run by 10 individuals in 24 hours around the city of Chillicothe, Ohio. It’s second year in inception, the relay has doubled in runners to support the nearly 1,600+ high school students who have committed to remain drug-free. In spite of national media rhetoric of the drug epidemic in the city of Chillicothe, students have chosen to be upbeat and proactive to stop drug abuse before it even begins. Students in the M.A.D.E Drug-Free Club of America program renew their commitment yearly by signing up to allow for random drug test selection. Chillicothe schools along with the S.V.C. have a remarkable 60% participation–with Huntington High School having an astonishing 80% of their student body involved, with goals to get that number to 100%.

Wheatberry Books Interview with Chelsea

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“Learn something every day”” is the theme of Wheatberry Books. A pharmacist for 10 years, Chelsea always wanted to be in the book world. Driven to never wonder “”what if””–Chelsea and her husband jumped in quickly, opening Wheatberry Books in December 2017. Watch Meredith’s 1:1 interview of this exciting new addition to Chillicothe!

Tucked proudly into the downtown of Chillicothe, Wheatberry Books is holding your next favorite book! This cute downtown shop carries the latest releases + curated classics and picks by people within the community to make sure you’ll always find what you’re looking for–or what you least expect. (Plus, they can order anything not carried in-store, online–because the power of shopping local is priceless!)