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August 2018

E.M. Smith Jewelers | Tour With Bob & Taylor

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Always changing–and for the better! Join us as we chat with Bob and Taylor from E.M. Smith Jewelers on how they’ve built a business that has sparkled for so long. To celebrate 70 years of business they even hosted a “Finder’s Keepers” where they hid 70 pieces of jewelry around Chillicothe and whoever found it got to keep it!

Sparkle like no other! Celebrating 70 years of business, we chatted with E.M. Smith Jewelers who, among offering stunning fine jewelry, also carries engravable gifts for babies, weddings, anniversaries, and even housewarming gifts! Take the tour to see all the treasures this store has to offer!

Mighty Children’s Museum | Tour With Kelcie

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The place in Chillicothe where your kids can discover, explore and be MIGHTY! Join us as we chat with Mighty Children’s Museum’s director, Kelcie about when they publish the museum’s event schedule, new exhibits, and important details you’ll wanna know!

Take a tour and explore the Mighty Children’s Museum with the new director, Kelcie Pierce. Each colorful exhibit is inspired by local companies in Chillicothe that inspire and educate your children while they have some fun!

Explorer Yoga | Tour With Denise

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A lot of people think of Yoga as just another exercise class, but it’s so much more! Join us as we interview the owner, Denise about why yoga will improve your strength, balance, and flexibility, as well as reduce stress, and help you find some mental calm.

Restore your flexibility & de-stress in this calming space. Take the tour with owner Denise to learn more about this charming studio and why you don’t have to look like the cover of Yoga Magazine to turn up and enjoy the benefits.

Tecumseh | Tour with Brandon

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Fun, entertaining and educational—the Tecumseh drama takes you back into the mindset of the people at that time. In their thrilling live performances, the cast of Tecumseh accurately depicts how Ohio was founded and the pains of the Native Americans due to the westward expansion of the United States. Join us as we chat with the CEO & Producer of Tecumseh, Brandon Smith, to see how Tecumseh has remained a must-see drama for 46 years.

Take a behind the scenes look with CEO & Producer, Brandon Smith on how Tecumseh continues to deliver a sensational performance every show. Technology, history and forward thinking have proven the Tecumseh drama to be a must-watch experience that you can only have here in Chillicothe.