We Believe Chillicothe Is A Destination City

Locals at heart, the investors of the Apartments @ 45 South Paint and the Huntington Building Spaces were born & raised in Chillicothe. Their passion is to see Downtown Chillicothe be the destination point for local and surrounding city residents.

Meredith Tomlinson


As a Chillicothe native, Meredith has a deep appreciation for the community. After moving back ten years ago to raise her family here, she found she had a passion for volunteering and helping to make a change. As a downtown resident, she is excited to be a part of the movement and work together to help make Chillicothe an even better place to live and visit.

Nate Baldwin


Nate is not originally from Chillicothe but has never regretted making it home. The combination of being a partner in an accounting firm and owning several rentals has created a strong interest in small business and property that he feels will be two of several key ingredients to the downtown revitalization. He and his wife look forward to doing their part to help the downtown meet its potential.

Bart Herrnstein


Bart was born and raised in Chillicothe and currently owns and operates Herrnstein Auto Group, a locally owned and family operated business in the area for the past 70 years. Bart’s family consists of three girls, Megan, Claire, and Cameron, and wife Aubrey. Bart has been very involved with multiple community organizations/boards and is looking forward to contributing specifically to the downtown revitalization by offering renovated and upscale building spaces for apartments, restaurants, and retail spaces.

Andy Tomlinson


Tiffany Baldwin


Tiffany has called Chillicothe home since 1978, and during that time married her husband, Nate. They have been married for 20 years and together they enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, spending time outdoors, and excelling in their careers. She is currently employed at Whited, Seigneur, Sams and Rahe CPA’s. With the forward growth of Chillicothe, she chooses to do her part by volunteering time to fundraising/local organizations and supporting local establishments.

Aubrey Herrnstein


Aubrey moved to Chillicothe, Ohio in 2006 from Kansas City with the idea that she would visit for a year and then move on to the next. What Aubrey did not account for was how much she would fall in love with the community in Chillicothe and the become increasingly excited about the revitalization momentum that seemed to be stirring in Chillicothe. Aubrey’s time in Chillicothe has been spent working for various non-profits, local government, and now the family owned Herrnstein Auto Group. Aubrey is married to Bart Herrnstein and together they enjoy traveling, volunteering in the community, visiting friends, spending time with Megan, Claire, and Cameron.