Apartments @ 45 South Paint

Chillicothe’s first downtown luxury apartments, these spacious single, double, and studio flats reaffirm that downtown is the place to be. Within walking distance of a dozen restaurants, boutique shops, and the city park - your new home is calling.


This unmatched location sits right in the heart of the downtown.

Luxurious Amenities

Granite countertops, restored hardwood flooring, vaulted ceilings, and more.

1,200+ Sq. Ft.

Each apartment is spaciously designed for comfort.

Historic Integrity

This unique structure is charmed with the perfect personality.

Premier Downtown Living

Learn more about the passion behind restoring the Apartments at 45 South Paint from complete disrepair to what is now Chillicothe’s first premier downtown living.

Apartments @ 45 South Paint

Historic Charm Mixed with Modern Living in Downtown Chillicothe

“Wait – is this in Chillicothe?” is a question of the past. As a city on the rise, Chillicothe holds onto its historical claim as Ohio’s first capital while also finding beauty in the feeling of home.  As each street in our downtown makes a deliberate choice to restore the past, we’re intentionally creating a brand new future. These apartments aren’t just pretty; they’re reinventing who we are as city. Chillicothe isn’t just a place to stay, it’s the place to be.

45 S Paint Street

Downtown Chillicothe

7 Luxury Apartments All Currently Occupied


Apartments @ 45 South Paint

Exposed brick walls, restored hardwood floors, large windows, natural light, granite countertops, exposed wood beams, original wood ceilings, and one lucky apartment with a loft – each space is slightly different to capture the full personality of the 45 S Paint building.

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