Located in a cute location up on the hill, Yvonne’s journey began when she met her husband in 1996. He owned two restaurants at the time and asked if she wanted to work for him—they eventually got married and for the past 11 years, Yvonne has been getting people hooked on Hooks! Chillicothe born and bred, Yvonne shares why she loves being able to give back to a community she holds dear, who have given her so much, and who love good food! Hooks offers salads, 15 different kinds of subs, icecream, hot fudge sundaes, and even freshly baked cookies & brownies.

Can Meredith make a Hooks pizza we can be proud of? Get the secret sauce on why Hooks can hold its own up against pizza from all over the country from their homemade sauce made fresh every day and cheese that is oh, so silky.