I want more of this!”—that was the thought that Rost Coffee owner, Trent, had after he visited a small batch roaster in Columbus 12 years ago. The coffee was mind-blowing, the tastes complex and distinct, and the process carefully managed from the origin of the coffee to the cup. Wanting more led Trent to start Rost Coffee in February 2016 and the best part? Meet Trent in our 1:1 chat and hear why Rost has been a huge part of Chillicothe growing from a lifeless downtown to a place where people can come together.

Who do you think can make the best Cubano? Watch as Meredith takes on Trent from Rost Coffee and see who comes out on top. After starting Rost Coffee in 2016, Trent has developed a passion for fostering community and supporting entrepreneurs which has led him to his next exciting project: Fort Collective. Fort Collective is being built from the ground up to combine the best of both of those worlds and will see even more people coming together over good coffee while running their businesses.