Commercial Space at the Huntington

This 4,000+ square foot space has been respectfully reimagined to maintain it’s historic personality, while bringing it into the now. Ready to go under construction, our architect’s vision can be adapted to fit your specific needs.


This unmatched location sits right in the heart of the downtown.

Surrounding City Population

Over 21,000 residents in Chillicothe.

4,000+ Sq. Ft

Suited perfectly for a needed restaurant or retail space.

Historic Integrity

This unique structure is charmed with the perfect personality.

Huntington Commercial Space

Imagined to be the perfect new restaurant or retail space in Downtown Chillicothe, The Huntington is ready to be the next best experience in the city.

The Huntington

This Well-Known Building Sits On Downtown’s Busiest Corner

With the recent revitalization of Chillicothe’s Downtown, Huntington’s neighbor, The Carlisle building, was recently restored and updated after having caught fire over ten years ago. With the help of Adena Health System and other private investors, the completion of this historical renovation has generated a city-wide restoration and reimagination of what Downtown Chillicothe can be. With proven success of dozens of new restaurants + boutiques, the open commercial space at The Huntington is currently available to be downtown’s premiere dining or retail experience.

1 North Paint Street

Downtown Chillicothe

This historic building holds one commercial space currently available for renovation.


The Original Huntington

Keeping part of it’s original name, The Huntington Savings Bank has been around for over 100 years, housing only banks until now. This 4,000+ sq. ft. space has been tastefully reimagined.

Important Details

Street-level renovations have set off, propelling our downtown to the next level.Street-level renovations have set off, propelling our downtown to the next level. These are all of the details you need to know for commercial space at The Huntington.

Population + Income

Average Income $56,521, Median Income $41,707. Population in City 21,900, County 77,000.


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Traffic Count

Traffic count on Paint Street is 3,909. Traffic count on Main Street is 14,070.


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Retaurants + Retail

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For more information on the Huntington Commercial space available, please contact Meredith Tomlinson of Coldwell Banker at (740) 302-8828 or click below to email for all potential opportunities.

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